Roof Repairs in Melbourne

We are capable of performing several types of roof repairs in Melbourne when necessary. We can provide you with exceptional roof repairs in Melton, Sunbury, and Gisborne.



One of our specialties is installing weep holes. Weep holes are installed to prevent water overflowing the top end of the roof tile and causing leaks and water damage to the internal roof line and walls. The concrete (mortar, bedding) under the ridge capping absorbs all the moisture and allows water to drip over.

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Roofing Repairs in Melbourne

Several other types of roofing repairs in Melbourne. The majority of roofs inspected require all the ridge cappings and valleys to be pulled up and all the mortar replaced (re-bedding). We grind (using a 9 inch diamond tip blade) the sides of all ridges and also regrind the tiles in the valleys and on gables. This gives us a nice clean and straight edge to work from and follow all guidelines to our Quality Assurance. Contact us today for all your roofing repairs in Melton, Sunbury, and Gisborne.

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Cheap Roof Repairs in Melbourne

Leaking roofs can occur for a number of reasons. The first and most obvious procedure would be to inspect for broken tiles. We can provide you with the cheap roof repairs in Melbourne that you need to fix any area of your roof, once we have determined the cause.

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